Friday, August 8, 2014

The best days of the gardens

     As soon as the weather began to warm up this past spring I hurried out to the back yard anxiously awaiting for life to unearth itself in the gardens. This spring was awfully late and terribly wet so tending the plants and cultivating the ground was nearly impossible with the limited time between rain falls and the endless supply of mosquitoes. It seemed like nature was winning at this annual game of weed picking. Leaving me with sore hands and an sore back. This past month I nearly gave up and when I held the handle bar of that new lawn mower and all its cutting power, I would often think.....I'm done!  Just mow the darn thing over and forget about it. Gardening is ridiculous! Nature will always win.
      I didn't mow them over, I just threw down my tools and went inside vowing to change the landscaping to something more user friendly. Then in the morning, I look out again and sure enough there it is, the beauty of all those flowers dabbled in the morning sun, calling me to go out and enjoy them. And so I go, out to with my coffee cup and sure enough, I start to pick a few weeds then a few more.
     I'm a sucker for those flowers and I think they know it, for as soon as think I'm done with this game, something else blooms and the cycle begins again.

With coffee cup in hand, it's time to take that morning stroll.
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