Monday, April 30, 2012

A speedy lesson of light, paint and inspiration

     This past weekend has been a lesson of light and paint. I've been in one of those funky moods where I just couldn't care less about my camera.  I looked at my camera and would think.....why even go out and take pictures.....I already took pictures of tulips and such.'s another pretty rose. And the weather is not helping either. We've had a very mild winter here in Michigan but it has been a long one. It's the end of April and it still isn't quite warm enough to feel comfortable outside.
     I went shopping the other day looking for drapery fabric and came across some blank canvases. I know what your thinking.......Blank Canvas!!!  No no much pressure to create.! I would normally shy away from them as well but something in the back of my mind was egging me on...."Are you up for a challenge?" What else you got to do? So I caved and bought a blank canvas.
     When the weekend started I took the challenge. I dug out all my old acrylic paints, an eisle, sponges, brushes, cloths and set up to play. After all these years, I was surprised the paint was still good. Next was the all important question....What do I paint? I pushed that thought from my mind and figured I'd keep an open mind and just go with the flow. I started with the background and one thing happened after another and pretty soon, I had my first painting. Then another. Then another. I was speed painting. Allowing only one hour per canvas. Trying to avoid a lot of detail and concentrating only on color, lighting  and a flowing path. Texture was fun too. I tried using sponges, paper towels and even the most important tool, the finger. I soon needed more canvas because I had found fun.
     Later when I took a break and brought the dogs for a walk, I noticed that I was now looking at the world in a different light. Everything became a painting. How would I paint that tree or that barn? Would I use a flat brush or a sponge. Where is the light coming from? What are the color values? That is when I realised my funk was all gone and I was looking at everything from an artist point of view again. That little bit of painting fun had got me going again.
     Next time you need some inspiration, pick up a paint brush, let go of the end result and just have fun.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pull out our brain....

     I've stumbled upon the blog Cupcakes and Cauldrons by Nicole Cody this past week. I'm positive it was not by accident. She has some wonderful things to say so if you get a chance visit her site. It's well worth your time.
    The other day I was reading her blog, Listen with your eyes..... Nicole used Pablo Piccaso's quote, If only we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes, as a way to deal with every day life. This tecnique also comes in handy when you have to deal with someone who is trying to steal your calm.
     When I read it, it transferred right to my artistic mind as something that is a necessity to every artist.  As I go out to photograph my subjects, I need to turn off that part of my brain that wants to tell me what the name of the object is and how it grows or even smells. It reminds me to delight in what has presented itself to me within that moment. Grasp it's beauty and explore it to the max.
     Columbine is one of my favorites in the garden. This particular one reminds me of little lanturns. While some of the wild columbines remind me of dragon heads. They are one of the first perenials to grab my attention in the spring getting me ready for a new season of floral photography.
     What a beautiful elegant beginning.

Columbine.........., this weeks image of the week at

Hideaway Hilda

Hideaway Hilda