Thursday, April 15, 2010

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Inspiration

I don't know of one gardener who doesn't start looking for even the slightest sign of new growth sneaking up through the last remains of our michigan snow. If there is even a hint of spring in the air we are out there inspecting. I'm so quilty of this myself.
And those first hints of spring are my inspirations to get out my camera. I've always been amazed with leaves. All kinds of leaves. From the new buds on the trees to the unraveling of the first ferns. Their shapes, their textures and even the many, many shades of color. I ask myself every time...."Who designed these anyway? They are fabulous!" Year after year I go through the same rituals, discovering, amazement and then taking even more pictures of them. I may have 20 images of grape leaves but there always seems to be another special leaf or bud.

Here are a few of what I've found in just my own back yard.

Ground covers, boxwoods, grasses,

lavender and grapevines all make wonderful subjects
to study.
To me it's all about color and texture. I try to keep my images to many different shades of the same color. To me, it seems be easier on the eye. A kinda calming effect. But don't overlook the importance of your lighting. Making sure it is playing off your main subject will keep it the center of attention.
There is no need to wait till the plants are in full bloom. Get out there now and discover the first round of amazing beauty all plants have to offer.

Hideaway Hilda

Hideaway Hilda