Monday, July 8, 2013

2013th Journey

     So far this year has been so incredible with everything that is going on. My art career is really taking a front seat and I'm loving it. I've been concentrating on my new book "Adventures Through the Enchanted Door" for the past year and it is just taking over my life.
     It started out as a game I played with the grandkids when I created some very simple clay figurines of fairies and placed them in an aquarium in the living room. (Fish were too smelly) I told the kids they were garden fairies and that it was way to cold for them to stay outside all winter so I had brought them inside to stay with me. They were also told that they couldn't touch them and they only moved when you weren't looking. Consequently when the kids would leave the room, they would mysteriously leave the aquarium and fly around the house. The kids would then have to find them and bring them back to their little home.
     Then the kids started asking questions so I figured it would be best if I just wrote a book. Sometimes.......I guess if I had thought about that more thoroughly for 5 minutes I would have had some reservations but I seem to be the one who just jumps right into things and worries about the rest as I go. It has taken me 9 months to finish the book and a few more to get myself into the marketing.
     As an artist....I'm not to sure about the marketing thing. I guess I'll be figuring that out as I go along. Only thing is.....I found out that you can't just write one book and say "that's good" you need to have at least 3 before the ball starts rolling and then the income from it will pay off. So here we go again. Book 2 of the adventure has already begun...."Hideaway Hawkins" will take me until next spring to finish since I'm also doing the illustrations which is the biggest part of the book.
    In the mean time...I started doing some acrylic painting and am having a ball with it.

     So if you don't hear from me .......don't worry.....I'm in my studio working away on the next big adventure or lost in the fun of painting.

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